The boiler is an important part of any heating system. It can result in issues if it stops working, like increased utility bills, endangering your health etc. Boiler repair in Buckinghamshire can fix any issue. Here are some signs you should never ignore.

Do Not Ignore These Signs Indicating a Problem with Your Boiler

Weird Noises

A boiler is generally quiet. Understand that something is wrong if you notice unusual sounds. Whirring, Clunking, and other related sounds could signify the worn-down pump or fan which needs to be replaced. In contrast, whistling or gurgling sounds could probably indicate low water pressure in your boiler. It can also be a sign your boiler is kettling which occurs due to trapped debris and salts in the heat exchanger, which causes water to steam and boil. Hire a professional expert to fix the problem.

Foul Smell

Leakage of carbon monoxide not just affects the functionality of your boiler and leads to health issues. A slightly foul smell usually indicates a carbon monoxide leak. Though this smell is not the carbon monoxide itself, it stems from a boiler unable to burn appropriately. Another sign of leaking carbon dioxide you can notice is the yellow flame in your boiler. We generally see the blue flame in a regular boiler. Besides, you should also pay attention if dark spots around a boiler’s casing appear. Carbon monoxide can result in headaches, breathing problems, nausea and, in the worst scenario, death.

Increased Heating Bills

Don’t ignore if there is a spike in your utility bills out of the blue. It may indicate a problem with your boiler. Book a technician to inspect your boiler and understand the problem.

Lack of Hot Water

Your boiler needs a repair service when you can’t get your water to get or stay hot. It can indicate an issue with the boiler’s thermostat, airlock, valve or diaphragm. A professional technician can help and replace the damaged parts. Coming out excessively hotter and colder water is also a problem that not many people know. This can be because of some issue with your boiler’s circulation. 

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