A boiler is an intricate piece of machinery. Moreover, it can be fixed infrequently. One of the best things about boiling is that it usually needs little maintenance and is solid.

Because of this, you may be taken aback when you may be taken abc when you discover issues with the boiler repair in Buckingham, but they will inevitably arise.

Check out some issues that can arise if you possess a boiler instead of a furnace or other forced-air heating system. Aside from their ignition mechanisms, these are two quite distinct systems. It’s helpful to know what to anticipate and even more so to understand that regular preventative maintenance might be a wise choice for your house.

Issues Faced by The Boilers


A serious issue with hot water boilers is kettling. The sound of a loud pounding or rumbling coming from the heating unit may be familiar, even if you are unfamiliar with the term. It’s time to bring in a technician to look into this if your heater experiences this problem and you haven’t before. This could grow into a far more serious issue than it is at the moment.

A mineral overabundance in the water supply is the cause of the disturbance. Though many homes in our area have hard water, the mineral deposits eventually alter the tank’s pressure levels. A boiler with kettling may have a higher chance of leaking or experiencing hazardous levels that could endanger your house.

Dripping and Seeping

Leaking boilers are another typical boiler repair in Buckingham, and they frequently come to us as emergencies. You are dealing with a serious issue if the leak originates from the boiler tank. It is probably time to replace the boiler because it has started to rust through. On the other hand, a pump or pressure relief valve may be the source of a leak, and these components are repairable. At times, we even discover that an apparent leak was only condensation.

Pilot Issues

The pilot light is not functioning as it once did. To ensure that there was always heat, you used to have to light the pilot light and leave it going all day and all night. While some boilers now operate on this principle, others heat water just when necessary using electronic ignition. It will take heating professionals to diagnose problems with the ignition system and pilot if you cannot ignite a pilot light alone.

Lack Of Heat

You never know what we could uncover when we respond to a call reporting no heat coming from a boiler. There are other potential issues to consider, even though ignition may be the source. There are three possible causes for the boiler not to stay on: a faulty pump, a malfunctioning safety switch, or a broken thermostat.

It is optional for you to try to figure out what the issue is. To get repairs done, call in licensed heating specialists from JKL Heaters. Additionally, we do provide maintenance once a year to prevent damage.