Every industrial boiler operates in a simple mechanism; it can encounter issues and show off signs that denote that it requires repair or replacement. If your industry has several boilers or heating units, you need to service them at regular intervals to ensure they are working great.

Professionals who offer industrial heating  repairs in Buckinghamshire suggest identifying the signs beforehand to protect the heating unit and the property.

Some Common Commercial Heater Problems That Demand Repairs

Common issues with the commercial boiler can range from missing out insulation to the blockage inside the pipes. Some issues might have prominent signs, whereas others will need investigation and diagnostics to verify.

  1. Scale Build-Up or Blockage in the Channel: Poor water quality can wreak havoc on the boiler. Calcium and other mineral particles from the water will accumulate as scale deposits inside the pressure vessel and boiler pipes. Such deposits interrupt water movement or even block the channel in extreme cases.
    What to Do: These scale deposits also cost money for cleaning and increase the fuel needed for the system to function properly. Having a good water treatment plant in your factory premises can be the solution to this. However, if you do not have enough time and space to have a water treatment plant, you can call the professional who repairs industrial heating.
  2. Water Leakage: A water leak is a very common issue that can happen anywhere in the system. It would help if you inspected the pressure vessel at the pipes thoroughly. However, leaks might occur elsewhere in the system, far from the pressure vessel. It makes the situation difficult to identify.
    What to Do: A water leak results in the water level dropping low enough to shut down the entire system. Water leak means untreated water that creates hardness when introduced into the heating system. Hence, it would help if you stopped water leakage by calling the expert at the site.
  3. Slow Pressure or Pressure Loss: Whether your boiler is experiencing slow pressure or losing pressure, it is a sign that your heating system needs repairing or replacement if the situation worsens. Weak pressure in the heating unit indicates leakage in the whole system. Another cause of pressure issues is inadequate heating.
    What to Do: if you face this issue, check and diagnose whether all the parts are working properly. If any part of the boiler is not working, it is time to replace it.

The boiler system in your commercial space is one of the most important units and requires proper maintenance. If you have identified all these signs, you can call the experts from JKL Heaters Ltd, who provide specialised commercial heating system repairs and replacements. Call us to know more.