The operational constraints of modern boilers are much different from the ones used earlier. That is why, as a user, you must be careful about working with a modern electrical or gas boiler. To ensure optimum function, you should care about important factors, such as the boiler’s pressure.

Importance of Boiler Pressure:

The boiler pressure should always be at a balanced level. If it becomes too high or low, you must consider it a sign of damage. Your boiler will cease functioning normally, and you must be ready for frequent breakdowns and malfunctions. The only solution to get out of this ordeal is to get help from reliable heating engineers in Buckinghamshire.

Causes of Low Pressure in Boiler:

Low pressure in boilers is a serious matter that can happen due to various causes. The top two are mentioned below:

  • Leakage: This is the most common issue that causes your boiler to lose normal air pressure. The leakage may be present at any part of the central heating system. Even if it is a small leak, it should not go unchecked. The pressure would gradually drop down and cease to function normally. To detect this problem, look out for damp patches around radiators, pipework and the boiler.


  • Bleeding Radiators: Bleeding the radiators is necessary to operate your boiler properly. However, this can sometimes make you lose some air pressure from the central heating system. This is caused due to the loss of air after bleeding the radiator of your heater.

What is the Solution for this Issue?

If you feel that the problem with air pressure in your boiler is not that serious, you can try fixing the issue by yourself. However, you should consider the unique features of your boiler and follow the manuals. This will help you avoid any costly mistakes in your boiler’s functionality.

  • First, switch off the boiler and allow it to cool down.
  • Check both ends of the filling loop and ensure that these are attached.
  • Open both valves and insert cold water into your boiler system.
  • Watch the water reach 1.5 bar and close the valves one after another.
  • After performing all these tasks, switch on the boiler and press the reset button.

With these simple steps, you can get your household boiler working again without losing air pressure. If you want professional heating engineers in Buckinghamshire to perform this task, contact an expert source like JKL Heaters. We are a company with a positive industrial reputation of more than two decades. With us, you can ensure that your boiler operates at the right pressure. For more information, you can visit our website.