Many domestic households prefer using gas instead of electric heaters as a source of keeping their homes warm during winter. A gas line is also used for direct connection to a furnace, heat water, stove and several other appliances. Utility companies supply natural gas through underground lines. Since it is an underground line, special care must be taken to check the conditions, assess the leaks, if any, and get them repaired at the earliest.

It is always advisable to call a professional for gas services in Buckinghamshire. As soon as you experience any problem with the gas line, you must contact the professional at the earliest because gas leaks can cause fatal damage.

Three major reasons for gas leaks

Old pipes

With time the gas pipes get old and prone to wear and tear. It might seem difficult for you to understand or detect the same as the pipes are majorly placed underground. However, if you’re aware of the exact age of the gas pipes, then it is advisable to get them changed before a leak occurs. Make sure that you keep looking for smells as a sign that your gas is leaking.

Incorrect installation

Sometimes, incorrect appliance installation to the gas pipe source can be a major cause of a continuous leak. These leaks often get unnoticed since the amount of gas coming out of the system seems very less. Hence, it is advisable that you must get your appliances installed by professionals to avoid any such mistakes and risks.

Gas pressure

Over time the gas supply might increase, thus creating gas pressure on the pipe. If the pipe doesn’t have the capacity of bearing the pressure, then the walls of the pipes might get damaged. This leads to the sudden leaking of the gas.

What should you do when gas leaks?

Use your common sense and turn off the electric power of the house. Ensure that you don’t light a matchstick or switch on any appliances. Open up all the doors and windows and wait for some time so that the gas leaves the room and the atmosphere clears off. Make sure that you turn off the gas supply immediately. Call for emergency gas servicing professionals and not start using the gas until help arrives.

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