Are you seeing low water pressure in your boiler? It might sometimes feel like a puzzle you can’t solve. And, it sometimes could be unclear why that is happening. But as one of the leading commercial heating installations in Buckinghamshire, let us tell you there is nothing in the world that can’t be repaired. And the same applies to the low water pressure of your boiler. Here, we are going to shed some light on how to solve the problem of low water pressure in your boiler.

Understanding the Nuances of Low Water Pressure in Your Boiler

Your boiler’s water pressure is pivotal for circulating the hot water through the pipes and the radiators. It can help keep your home cosy and comfortable. Hence, when the pressure drops too much, the system might struggle. This could lead to inadequate heating or, in some cases, a complete system shutdown. Quite a lot of factors can contribute to this drastic drop in pressure. It could be a leak in the system, bleeding radiators or even a natural decline inflicted by time. Here, we are going to highlight how to check for the problem and what fix you can try.

Checking the Pressure Gauge:  Firstly, you should consistently examine the pressure gauge of your boiler. A reading below 1 bar can indicate low pressure. It signals that it is time to take action.
Locating the Leaks and Fixing Them:  Secondly, there is the problem of locating and fixing the leaks. You should inspect your heating system for any signs of leaks. These leaks would be the fatal culprits behind falling pressure levels. If you find a leak, it is important to contact a professional for repairs.

Repressurise the Boiler: If there are no visible leaks, you should go on to repressurise your boiler. You can easily achieve it by adjusting the filling loop to allow more water into the system. You should keep allowing more water into the system until the gauge reads between 1 and 1.5 bars.

Bleed the Radiators
Air trapped in your radiators can significantly affect your boiler’s pressure. Hence, you should bleed your radiators to release any trapped air. This way, you can easily restore pressure balance.

Annual Boiler Service
Regular maintenance could significantly help in preventing any sort of pressure issues. So, an annual maintenance service by qualified engineers can help your system run efficiently.

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