Is your boiler blinking? Is the pipe of the boiler leaking? Are you not getting hot water from the boiler? These are a few common problems that might occur anytime. However, the question is who you should call when facing these problems. Plumbers are a common name that might crop into your mind. However, a heating engineer is equally important to contact whenever you face such troubles. 


It is thus important to know the functional difference between a heating engineer and a plumber. Only then you’ll be able to hire professional heating engineers in Buckinghamshire to fix your boiler issues. 


Read on and note the situations when it is a reasonable decision to call a plumber and an engineer.

When to call a heating engineer?

If you need to fix the boiler’s heating system, the engineer is the right person. They have professional knowledge and certifications to help you with repairs, replacements and annual boiler maintenance service. Hence, hiring a heating engineer seems wise when you face problems in your boilers with the following parts. 


  • Problems with the radiators of the boiler
  • Fixing issues in the central heating system of the boiler
  • Repair, replacement and installation of thermostats in the boiler
  • Damage repair of the hot water cylinders of the boiler


Make sure that you always hire a Gas Safe registered heating engineer so that the services you get are up to the mark. 

When should you hire a plumber?

Generally, if you’re facing problems with water-based appliances like taps, pipes, tanks, water systems, wash basins and sinks, then calling a plumber instead of the heating engineer is a wise and clever decision. Plumbers are not registered to deal with boiler and gas services because they don’t have professional knowledge and certificates related to the same. Hire a plumber to help you with the following issues:


  • For clearing of the blockages in the drains and pipes
  • For fixing, repairing and installation of pipes and taps
  • For fixing issues like leaks, overflows and non-flushes in toilets and kitchens
  • For maintenance and repair of drainage and sewage system of the house
  • For installation, maintenance and repair of water-based appliances like dishwashers, washing machines etc. 
  • For fixing, installing and repairing the bathroom fixtures, tiles and pipes. 


Suppose you’re looking for heating engineers in Buckinghamshire, approach JKL Heaters. We have certified heating engineers to help you fix all types of gas and boiler problems.