The boiler pressure generally rises when the same is heated and falls when the same gets cold. However, while using a boiler, you must keep a few things about the boiler pressure changes and their significance. The pressure gauge on the boiler generally shows the boiler pressure rates. You’ll find boiler pressure dials that generally indicate low and high boiler pressure with green and red coloured marks.

If your boiler gauge is not working sufficiently, hire professionals immediately for boiler repair in Buckinghamshire. If you don’t know where to find the boiler gauge, please check either in the front or the back of the control panel.

For most of the boilers, combi and traditional boilers, the gauge is located as mentioned above. Apart from that, the instruction manual will also guide you sufficiently with such matters.

Two major types of boiler pressure

Lower boiler pressure

Some boilers lose pressure over time. In modern models, you don’t need to give much attention to assessing the boiler pressure. With a simple annual service, you can manage to check the boiler pressure. Or, if you don’t hire a professional, you can check the water circulation temperature and make decisions accordingly. However, if you find drops of water around the boiler base, then it’s a sure shot sign of pressure failure of a system leak.

Higher boiler pressure

Again, on the other hand, high boiler pressure is indicated when the needle in the gauge is in the red zone. If your boiler is shutting down suddenly and won’t get switched on for a long time, there are definitely some issues with the boiler pressure. Call a professional repair service immediately because if the boiler pressure is high for a long time, leaks can develop on the surface.

Common problems with boiler pressure

If your boiler is not heating up, then the major reason behind the same is the problem in the boiler pressure. Higher boiler pressure will cause the system to turn off. While lower boiler pressure will not allow the water to get heated.

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