Are you planning on getting a new boiler installed in your home? Then, a little bit of research is necessary to find the best type of boiler. If you randomly walk into a store, you’ll find ample options of different makes and models of boilers. For a non-technical person, it is difficult to pick the correct type of boiler that will last long and serve the purpose.

Electric or gas boilers are the two types of boilers that are commonly used by all households. Electric boilers are very common since they are directly connected with the electricity and work accordingly. If you have got the option of gas servicing in Buckinghamshire, you can also opt for gas boilers.

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Difference between electric and gas boilers

Installation costs

Electric boilers are cheaper to install; however, the initial purchase cost depends on the type of model you plan to purchase. On the other hand, you’ll find plenty of gas boilers available in the market. Hence, you can buy a gas boiler at a very low cost and install it at a cheap rate.

Source of energy

Electric boilers generally operate using the electricity of the house. They don’t require any other sources of energy to perform the same. On the contrary, gas boilers generally provide a central heating system but consumes both electricity and gas for operational purposes.

Running costs

Since gas boilers operate based on the gas lines, you’re not required to pay excess bills for using the same. However, with electrical boilers, this is not the case. These boilers operate by consuming high voltage electricity. Hence, continuous usage, especially during the winters, may make a hole in your pocket. You’ll have to pay high electricity bills.

Safety and leaks

Using gas boilers can be unsafe and non-environment friendly. There is a high chance that carbon monoxide might leak from these boilers, threatening human lives. With electrical boilers, you’ll not face any such issues. Zero risks of leakages and fewer internal faults make this a more desirable option for households.

Which boiler to choose?

From the above analysis, it is clear that both boilers have their sets of pros and cons. However, if budget is not a constraint, you can select a good quality electric boiler and ensure safety for your loved ones.

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