Is your boiler starting to show its age? Maybe it’s time to get it serviced regularly to restore its efficiency and avoid frequent breakdowns. It also helps you to identify any problem early, which eventually reduces your cost for boiler repair in Buckinghamshire. An inefficient gas boiler would not work optimally, eventually raising your energy consumption. Here are some top ways to help you to keep your boiler in its best condition.

Ways That Can Extend Your Boiler’s Durability

Use Gas Safe Engineers

Whenever you are hiring an engineer for gas appliances, make sure they are on the Gas Safe register. This is because they are legally qualified to work with gas appliances and ensure completing the job with the highest standards. 

Fix Repairs Right Away

It is essential to pay attention to your heating system if you hear any weird sounds or any changes that seem abnormal. We suggest calling a heating engineer as soon as you notice any changes to avoid expensive repair costs. Ignoring even a small problem can have severe consequences. 

Do Not Overwork Your Boiler

Setting too high a water pressure can damage the boiler over time. Besides, frequent use of boilers affects their durability. But the right size of a good-quality boiler can continue providing hot water for a longer time uninterruptedly. 

Get Annual Service

We suggest getting your boiler services once a year at least to ensure its safety and efficiency. The heating engineer will check if there is any fault or leak in the system. You can hire an engineer from JKL Heaters if your boiler needs repairing.

Use Power Flush Service

For the unversed, power flush is a process where a qualified engineer adds chemicals to your central heating system. This helps in breaking up and removing the accumulated debris or sludge. It improves the efficiency of the boiler and also prevents it from further damage. 

Install Magnetic Filters

If you want to avoid the accumulation of sludge, then installing a magnetic filter can help. It works by filtering out debris before it settles in your radiators or pipework. 

Regular cleaning and descaling of the boiler, keeping the vent clear and maintaining the water level also contribute towards extending the lifespan of the boiler. JKL Heaters offers quality boiler repair in Buckinghamshire and nearby areas. Contact us today or check our website if you are looking for a professional heating engineer.