A heating system is a sturdy and reliable equipment used in both commercial and domestic buildings. To prolong its longevity and durability, you should follow a maintenance schedule to keep it at its peak operations. There can be usual wear and tear resulting in a system failure. If such is the situation, consult the Heating Engineers in Buckinghamshire for a guaranteed outcome.

How do Commercial Heating Systems Work?

Commercial Boilers are a pressurised system that burns combustible fuel or electricity to heat the water; this provides heating to the entire building. Specific systems rely on hot water and the team that forms later. Inside the boilers, the burners and coils generate heat, which will be transferred to the water via the heat exchanger.

This procedure creates hot water or steam depending on the system type. The hot water gets circulated via the pipes throughout the commercial facility. The steam enters the radiator and disperses the heat, therefore keeping the indoor space comfortable and warm.

Other boiler and heating systems burn the fuel oil or the electrical resistance coils to produce heat and electricity.

The Different Parts of the Commercial Boilers

Burner: This part provides the flames to heat the water, creating a mixture of fuel and oxygen to produce consistent burning flames.

The Combustion Chamber: In this part, the fuel burns to heat the water. The chamber is designed with burners for a safe zone of high-temperature conditions.

Heat Exchanger: This is another vital component that transfers the heat produced by burners to the water in the boiler – heat exchangers, commonly made from steel tubes, cast iron and copper

Controls: With the system controls, you can set the water temperature, air and fuel supply mixtures, ignition and internal pressure. This controller regulates how often the burner fires, the water temperature and the rate of fuel consumption. Safety controls also ensure the internal pressure does not get high and stays within a safe range.

Exhaust Stack: This is a series of pipes that push the exhaust gases outside the heating system. It ensures complete safety by venting the dangerous carbon monoxide outside the facility.

Meet the Professionals

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