A combi boiler generally serves a dual purpose. It is a gas central heating boiler and also heats the water instantly. Thus a combi boiler is a cost-effective option. You’ll get a dual benefit by installing the same. It also helps to save space, and hence it is an increasingly popular choice for domestic buyers. People of Buckinghamshire prefer using combi boilers because it serves both purposes well.

In simple words, a combi boiler is a high-efficiency water heater and acts as a central heating system. Since both the features are combined in one single unit, hence in terms of monetary value and space-saving opportunity, this is the best option that you can have. However, always hire professional heating engineers in Buckinghamshire if your combi boiler is damaged and needs repair.

What are the benefits of using combi boilers?

Helps to lower the electricity bill

Instead of installing more than one combi boiler for different purposes, using a combi boiler helps save the electricity bill. Installation of one boiler serves a dual purpose, and hence the energy consumption can be controlled as well. When the non-condensing boilers reach a certain degree of efficiency, they are generally replaced by new ones. Using combi boilers will help to manage the efficiency level.

Saves space

Combi boilers are generally compact. You can finally get rid of the bulky, heavy and big water tanks and cylinders by installing combi boilers. It is a simple and small unit and gets concealed within the cupboard. Thus a combi boiler is especially a great choice if you plan to use it in small flats and premises. 

Highly energy efficient

Combi boilers are generally highly energy efficient. Unlike the regular boilers, they are typically 90% effective, which is probably the highest efficiency that can be expected from any boiler. Thus, continuous use of combi boilers helps reduce the carbon footprint.

On-demand hot water supply

You don’t need to preheat the water and store the same if you’re using a combi boiler. You can plug in the boiler and get hot water directly through the taps. This means less energy is used, and the water pressure is maintained.

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